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Quality comes at the beginning of the importance and value we place on this issue do not limit ourselves to the expectations of customers, we try to go beyond their expectations. Our products are our best reference on the subject.


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AB group offers you an excellent job chance with dynamic, open minded and specialist managers.


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AB brake linings corporation was founded in a 13000 metres land in 2002 in Diyarbakır Organised Industrial Area. It is a well known producer of brakelinings in automotive industry. It is a Professional service on breaklinings for private and commercial automobiles. With its brand new breaklining machines, it continues to be a prominent firm in producing high quality devices. AB breaklinings corporation is a constantly developing service with more than 850 private automobile brakelinings and since 2014 it has fastened the production of commercial vehicle brakelinings with an amount of 220 or more It has always presented qualifed and developed products in the light of its customer-based, logical and scientific concept. AB brakelinings has a motto of producing high quality products with competitve prices and under very flexible conditions.

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