Oktay Kurt

With our innovative, logical and responsible approach, to serve as a reliable and qualified corporation to a vast majority of customers. To extend our services to a more desirable point with our experienced and Professional staff and achieve this with the help of the latest technology of the age. To be qualified, productive and constantly developing corporation in order to serve from a universal point of view. While constantly developing, also to promote the good and the asthetical, to make creativity and development more urgent and not to make concession from desiring the best/greatest.


To serve in a Professional and qualified way with the cooperation of our dynamic and young staff and to take into consideration the needs and demands of our customers. To be always enterpreneur with our available and new products and to enlarge our businnes areas. To try to be an assistant corporation th the economy of the country by providing spare parts in the both national and international borders.


1-)To value the humanity.                            2-)To be competitive and Professional.

3-)To be reliable                                           4-)To be leader

5-)To be customer-based.                             6-)To be qualified

7-)To be enterpreneur and innovative         8-)To be responsible for the saving of the environment


1-)To seek for the perfect in our services.

2-)To constantly develop our service quality.

3-)To serve as a customer-based corporation.

4-)To be distinguished with our staff.

5-)To make use of the latest technology.

6-)To enlarge productiveness.

7-)To produce with a sensitive and environment-friendly philosophy.

8-)Using technology and modern methods information management systems in quality in accordance with the growing age of technology and universal standards to be efficient and effective manufacturer.

9-)To enhance continuous and stable growth in a good manner, to ensure continuous innovation and development, strict excellence.

10-)To maintain not only regional, but also worldwide identity as a manufacturer of spare parts.